WEB developer

Europe / remote

About you and your responsibilities
  • We’re looking for a developer who we can learn from and help us take our app to the next level.
  • We love to share the knowledge we have and to learn new things from you.
  • You have keen interest in architecture: how to build complex applications that are maintainable.
  • As a developer your role will actively contributing towards architectural decisions. You will discuss technical solutions with the rest of the team and act as an inspiration to keep the code base clean.
  • You are interested in problem solving and enjoy finding the simplest possible solution to complex problems.
  • You take pride in the quality of your work; you cover the edge cases and write tests for the most critical components.
  • You work well with teams, even in areas besides Web development, but are also capable of performing as a sole developer in your area
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks and libraries (preferably Vue and Nuxt; Rendr and Backbone knowledge a plus)
  • Sound knowledge of client-side technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experience with devops and deployment tools (GIT, Grunt, NPM)
  • Experience integrating with REST APIs
  • Excellent communication skills in English
Bonus points
  • Knowledge of cloud computing and hosting technologies (AWS and/or Azure)
  • Experience with application containerization using Kubernetes
  • Knowledge of Good knowledge of the Web ecosystem (HTTP1.1/2, DNS, CDNs, WAFs, Caching, Load balancing)
  • Experience working with cross functional teams on mature products with many users
  • Experience building new products with an eye on maintainability and scalability
  • Knowledge of browser-specific nuances and layout engines
  • A degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Experience with payment platforms, FinTech or Banking
Ideal candidate
  • 3+ years full-time professional experience (i.e., 6k+ hours)
  • Committed to writing structured, clean, and testable code
  • Raise the level of everyone around you
  • Happy hacking on new technology, loves R&D
  • Always curious, always learning
  • Vision for product development and for how a code base evolves

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